Fish Cobia One cut

Fish Cobia One cut


Cobia is found worldwide in tropical, subtropical and temperate waters, except the mid Pacific and east Pacific. China is the leading producer of farmed cobia.

Cobia is a highly desirable eating fish with strong flavor and texture. The flesh can be sliced for raw preparations or cooked in steam, roasted, pan fried, wok fried or grilled. The flesh retains moisture when cooked, making it a succulent. the skin is easily removed from raw fillets by the usual long knife and cutting board Method. Skinning is easier if you cut the fillets in half along the centerline so they are not so wide.

Cobia One Cut

This method produces 4 fish fillets. The steps are: cut the fish exactly in the center line, from the bottom of the head to the tail, cut the tail, cut the bottom of the gills and head down, cut the fillets on each side into two parts.

Cobia One Cut can usually be served for sushi and sashimi

Categories : Demersal Fish

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