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Snapper Skinless

Snapper Skinless


Snapper is a reef fish that is harvested in the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean and South Atlantic waters.The raw flesh of Red Snapper is pinkish with yellow streaks, turning lighter (but not white) when cooked. The skin is deep red along the back which fades to a lighter pinkish-red on the on the belly.

Red Snapper is a lean, moist fish with a firm texture and a distinctive sweet, nutty flavorwich makes it versatile for many flavor components from mild to intense seasoning. It can be baked, fried, steamed, broiled, poached and grilled. When it comes to seasoning, lemon, vegan butter, and fresh chili peppers are snapper’s best friends.

Snapper Skinless

Skinless cut is the main part of fish meat which is located above the spine. This method is cutting a torpedo-shaped fish that is made into four parts and separates the meat and spines of the fish and removes the skin. Snapper skin must be removed because this fish skin is a bit wet and very dirty if it is baked.

This piece of fish meat is a thick part that is rich in flavor if cooked in the right way. The most delicious if served by baking and adding garrises to look beautiful. Season well and cook with the texture you want, like steak.

Categories : Demersal Fish

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Information Product Snapper Skinless

Product Name Red Snapper
Common Market Name Scarlet Snapper, Snapper
Latin Name Lutjanus spp
Products Whole Cleaned (WGGS), Fillet, Head
Common Product Size WGGS : 1-2 lbs, 2-3 lbs, 3 lbs up
  Fillet: 4-6oz, 6-8oz, 8-10oz, 10-12oz, 12oz up or 100-200gr, 200-300gr, 300-500gr, 500 up
  Head 300-500gr, 500-1000gr, 1000gr up
Packaging IVP/IWP/IQF
Origin Indonesia
Catching Area FAO 71
Fishing Methods Handline and Longline