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Croaker Fillet

Croaker Fillet


The Croaker fish is a species of croaker which is native to the western Pacific. It is generally found in inhabit coastal waters and estuaries. It is mainly found in Japan, China and Korea. This is a very good eating fish. The flesh is off white with a good medium flavor, but may have a reddish tint.

The cooked meat is white. Croaker is lean and full flavored, with an almost sweet taste. The flesh is firm and the skin is edible. This fish is fairly easy to fillet. A popular pan fish, croaker is often breaded or dusted with cornmeal or flour and pan-fried. It can also be marinated and grilled or sautéed, roasted and broiled. Use simple sauces that won't mask the flavor and just lightly dust with rice flour for frying.

Croaker Portion Cut

This piece serves fish in smaller portions and is more appropriate to make food preparation more comfortable. Usually for this piece produces fish with a portion of 125gr per piece. We can adjust the cut angle and average weight per piece based on individual specifications.

Categories : Demersal Fish

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Information Product Croaker Fillet

Product Name Croaker
Common Market Name Corvina, Orange Croaker
Latin Name Atrobucca nibe
Products Whole Cleaned (WGGS), Fillet
Common Product Size WGGS : 1-2 lbs, 2-3 lbs, 3 lbs up
  Fillet: 4-6oz, 6-8oz, 8-10oz, 10-12oz, 12oz up or 100-200gr, 200-300gr, 300-500gr, 500 up
Packaging IVP/IWP/IQF
Origin Indonesia
Catching Area FAO 71
Fishing Methods Handline and Longline