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Pinjalo Snapper Natural Cut

Pinjalo Snapper Natural Cut

Pinjalo Snapper

Pinjalo Snapper is found in Indo-Asian Pacific – Arabian Gulf to Taiwan and Papua New Guinea. They are found in over shallow depths of a few meters in open ocean reefs. In most areas they are found in deep waters and are usually trawled to 100 m depth.

PinjaloSnapper, medium-to-large scales, a spiny dorsal fin and a laterally compressed body. Pinjalo Snapper have short, sharp, needle-like teeth. They would quickly change color from silver to blood orange to red as they swam by. Coloration of the PinjaloSnapper is light red, with more intense pigment on the back. The flesh of which is pale in colour.

Pinjalo Snapper Natural Cut

Cut the meat from the complete side of the fish just below the gills to the tail, which is cut from the spine and released in one piece. This is a versatile piece and is used in most general recipes. This method of cutting can be done for any fish either round or flat. These fish pieces can be seasoned, marinated, roasted, fried and sauteed.

Categories : Demersal Fish

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Information Product Pinjalo Snapper Natural Cut

Product Name Pinjalo
Common Market Name Pinjalo Snapper, Snapper
Latin Name Pinjalo pinjalo
Products Whole Cleaned (WGGS), Fillet
Common Product Size WGGS : 1-2 lbs, 2-3 lbs, 3 lbs up
  Fillet: 4-6oz, 6-8oz, 8-10oz, 10-12oz, 12oz up or 100-200gr, 200-300gr, 300-500gr, 500 up
Packaging IVP/IWP/IQF
Origin Indonesia
Catching Area FAO 71
Fishing Methods Handline and Longline