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Ready To Cook

Ready To Cook

With pleasure, Intan Seafood offers quality products to always bring the sea closer to you. It is our mission to meet the changing tastes and needs of consumers. At Intan Seafood, we can review market trends in detail, enabling us to respond effectively towards changing demand for sustainable business. For this reason, we keep looking for ideasto produce new seafood products.

Intan Selection is a development of seafood products from Intan Seafood which offers convenience and comfort in serving your dishes. Intan Selection, ready-to-cook seafood available in various kinds of seafood. This ready-to-eat seafood product is made from quality fresh ingredients, soaked for hours with a delicious blend of all natural spices to maintain taste and quality.

We have a professional team to process seafood into delicious seafood products and easy to serve. Acting as our reliable chef, they created Intan Selection as a special seafood product that instills a true taste from the sea, offering consumers a unique taste experience. We ensure that our team always maintains moisture and taste that permeates each layer of fillet.

Very tasty Intan Selection can be a lot of food menus around the world, either as an appetizer or a main dish. You can be a chef at your own home with the ease of cooking our seafood as a filling meal and healthy food that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Processedand packaged safely, delicious and easily served. This is an easy and fast way to cook. Choose one and start cooking!