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Yellowfin Cube

Yellowfin Cube


Yellowfin have a distinctive yellow dorsal fin and yellow strip along its sides. Yellowfin is found worldwide in open water in tropical and subtropical seas. It is pale pink, with flavor a bit stronger than albacore. Yellowfin is an excellent source of healthy, low in saturated fat and low in sodium. It is rich in niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, phosphorus, selenium and magnesium.

Yellowfin has a medium-mild flavor with very firm texture. Yellowfin is a delicious fish which lends itself best to grilling or searing cooking applications. The flesh is deep red while raw, it is best served as raw (sashimi, sushi, poke) or medium-rare, seared, grilled, broiled, sautéed, best not cooked well-done.

Yellowfin Cube

This piece produces flesh in the form of cubes. The biggest advantage in this piece of sea fish is that flesh is not easily broken even though for a long time even after cooking. Consumption of cut shapes is also easy because it is small, can be eaten once a bite without the need to slice it.

Categories : Pelagic Fish

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Information Product Yellowfin Cube

Product Name Tuna
Common Market Name Yellow fin Tuna, Albacone, Blue fin
Latin Name Thunnus spp
Products Loin, Saku, Steak, Cube, Groudmeat
Common Product Size Loin :  3-5 lbs, 5 lbs up
  Saku : 6-8oz, 8-10oz, 10-12oz, or 100-200gr, 200-300gr, 300-500gr
  Steak : 6-8oz, 8-10oz, 10-12oz, or 100-200gr, 200-300gr, 300-500gr
  Cube and Groundmeat
Packaging IVP/IWP/IQF
Origin Indonesia
Catching Area FAO 57
Fishing Methods Handline and Longline